Monday, June 27, 2011

tiffers: littlefatme's mini challenge day 1!

okay, so as far as weigh in, maintained again this week.  getting a little bummed chillin' here at 267 but it's better than gaining!

so, as far as my perfect day for my perfect week, i did get a lot more fruits and stuff in today which was pretty cool.  got down about 40 oz of water, which is less than i had been getting, but i made the mistake of bringing a drink to work in my stainless steel bottle and thus had to finish it before i could fill it with the nice free filtered water in the break room.  i'm taking it empty tomorrow and i'm gonna fill it up when i get there and just take me a diet soda to have with lunch or something.  that way i can just keep filling that bottle up all day!

work was mainly just sitting around on the computer, so not as much activity there as i would have liked, obviously.  but i should start my third shift this week which will really help and hopefully tomorrow i'll have an actual schedule and can plan days when i need to be treadmillin'.

i guess that's it!  not a bad start, tomorrow will only get better!

love, tiffers.

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