Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tiffers: a work blog!

i filmed a weigh-in day video, but it was super suck-ish so i'm not posting it, but here are the main points:

1.)  i maintained.  still at 267.
2.)  chris lost 2 pounds, putting him at 300 and about 20-25 pounds lost.  :D
3.)  i want a bike but didn't get to buy the one at goodwill.

that's about it.  went to goodwill to see if the bike was still there but it was gone.  of course.  you have to make up your mind when you're at goodwill cuz things don't stay around too long!

in other news, i start my new job tomorrow!  the extra money is gonna be awesome, but i'm also looking forward to it to give me some sort of schedule.  when i started weight watchers i was working part time at spencer's gifts (ringing up customers, making sure no one opened the sex toys, stuff like that), and it really helped me out because the time that i was working it was busy and i had a snack break instead of a full lunch hour since i was only part time.  plus mall food was way to expensive, so it kept my on track.

right now i've been playing housewife.  i try my best to keep myself busy but sometimes i'm  just bored and food goes in my mouth.  which is why i think i've been maintaining lately.  i'm not eating more food but i've just gotten bored with my routine so i'm not as active.  so i'm excited for those eight-hour days of moving and being busy and having a smart ones and some water to keep me going instead of sitting on my bed watching spongebob and eating a bunch of leftovers and a million vanilla coke zeros.  so yeah.

i celebrated my new job today with some buffalo wild wings, a vanilla bean frappucino and about three hours of mall walking!  my feet hurt so bad from all the walking, but i made it a point to eat first so we could spend the day walking some of it off!

also, while at the buffalo wild wings, the waitress grabbed my hand and started gushing about my engagement ring and congratulated chris for picking such a good one!  it was so cool!  i hope that happens forever because i love chris and this amazing ring of mine!

i guess that's it!  i'm gonna  be keeping my eyes open for a cheap-y bike so i can ride around the neighborhood and up to the goodwill for stuffs!

love, tiffers.

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